Page One

I’ve had an online presence for a long time, almost as long as the “World Wide Web” has existed. This rather simple set of pages will highlight some interests of mine at this point in my life.


My interest in astronomy spans several decades, dating back to my parents buying me a telescope for Christmas when I was young. I spent many nights staring at the moon, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Apollo astronauts–I didn’t say I was realistic. Eventually this section will be fleshed out a bit. Or not.


I purchased my first motorcycle, a Suzuki GS250,shortly after getting my first “real” job. Over the years, I’ve nearly always had a motorcycle in the garage. I’ve gone on short and long tours, ridden across the country (and back), been motorcycle camping with my brother and participated in multiple Grand Tours. Motorcycling relaxes me, focuses me, centers me.

In addition to riding, I enjoy watching professionals race their bikes. Valentino Rossi has always been a favorite.

Iron Butt Association

Over the years, I became fascinated with the idea of long-distance motorcycle riding. The premier long-distance motorcycle riding organization in the world is the Iron Butt Association (IBA). I’m not sure exactly why the idea of riding a motorcycle for many hours in a day intrigues me–I guess just the idea of mentally and physically challenging myself is at the heart of it. I finally qualified to become a member of the IBA by riding a little over 1000 miles in about 18 hours in 2013. I have yet to follow up that ride with any other IBA-certified rides, but I still hope to do so.

The photo you see for this section is an example of a well-farkled motorcycle meant to ride long distances. This particular bike used to belong to IBA legend Greg Rice.